Relay Test Kit / Secondary Injection Kit



Testing of protection relays and power-line transducers.


Testing & measurement


Product Details

The Skipper Secondary Injection Kit can be used to test over current relays, under voltage relays, earth testing relays, over voltage relay, inverse time relay, miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) and LT CT/PT (Low Tension Current Transformers/Potential Transformers).

Depending on the model, the kit is supplied with multiple accessories of which details can be viewed below. The Skipper Secondary Injection Models are compact, useable in rugged environments and have long duty cycles.

  • ⚫ Compact size
  • ⚫ Easy to transport
  • ⚫ Rugged design
  • ⚫ Longer duty cycles
MODEL   RTS10   RTS20   RTS50    RTS100   RTS200
Output Current 0-10A 0-20A 0-50A 0-100A 0-200A
Burden 200VA 200VA 400VA 600VA 600VA
Selectable current Range 0-1-5-10A 0-1-5-10-20A 0-1-5-10-25-50A 0-1-5-10-25-50-100A 0-1-5-10-25-50-100-200A
Operation Manual Manual Manual Manual Manual
Units Single unit Single unit Single unit Single unit Single unit
Main supply 230V AC 50Hz +/-10%
Duty cycle 30 Min. ON & 10Min.OFF
Accuracy +/-1.5% +/- 2 digits
Display LED / LCD
Protection & Safety Cut off toggle switch/ Fast blow glass fuse
Timer 0.0001Sec. to 9999Sec.
Timer Accuracy +/-0.05% +/- 1 Count
Output DC Voltage 0-250V DC
Output AC Voltage 0-250V AC
Voltage Resolution 0.1V
Current Accuracy +/-0.5%
Voltage Accuracy +/-0.5%
Current Resolution 0.1% of full scale
  • ⚫ Test Lead Set
  • ⚫ Mains cord
  • ⚫ Spare fuse
  • ⚫ Instruction manual
  • ⚫ Warranty certificate
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