Importance of high voltage testing

Importance of high voltage testing

Published on Oct 29, 2021 by Skipper

Why do we require high voltage testing?

Electricity is intended to serve the growing demands of energy and maybe appropriately handled to do so, but it can also kill you if used incorrectly. High voltage testing is a crucial kind of testing used to guarantee sufficient proper insulation in a wide variety of industrial processes. Evaluating the insulation is critical for establishing cable quality and safety and decreasing the likelihood of electrical shocks and accidents. High voltage testing ensures that the safety is as per design and standards, so it tells whether the system can withstand the voltage rating that you supply.

Application of high voltage testing

It is possible to have preventative maintenance on cables and high voltage equipment by using High Voltage Testers (also called the hipot testers). Preventative maintenance allows for the user to figure out out potential issues before the problem and resolve them before they get out of hand.

It is also used to test new systems as mentioned earlier to ensure that it withstands the specified voltage as per standards.

What kind of high voltage tester should I opt for?

It is recommended to have a portable high voltage tester so that it can be easily transported to multiple places and complete maintenance on the high voltage equipment. Not only can it determine the faults in the system, it can also extend the lifespan of the equipment under test. Skipper high voltage tester comes with features such as compact size, longer duty cycles, automatic tripping, safety and zero start interlock to ensure safety of the operator and the equipment alike.

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